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Совы. Часть 6: кулинария.

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Дорогие друзья!

Публикую очередную подборку для любителей сов. Человеческая фантазия и мастерство безграничны!

Предыдущие публикации здесь: http://www.livemaster.ru/ritasdreams/workshop?ctype=3&inside=1.

Приятного просмотра и хорошего аппетита!





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#KatieSheaDesign  elegant winter cake with owls would make a wonderful #Christmas centeroiece

Owl Girl Birthday cake! Cakes iced in buttercream. Marshmallow Fondant polka dots, bow, blocks and toppers. Buttercream stencil on top tier.

Hand made fondant Cute Owl complete cake kit with birthday plaque, stand up tree and owl with dots and ribbon on Etsy, $34.58 CAD


Hrmmm so I spent cake decorating money on derby stuff....but maybe just maybe i could have icing ferns??

Owl baby shower cake

owl cake it is so cute!!

Sweet Owls Baby Shower Cake

Simple Owl Cookies-In Winter Colors <a href=

I would love you forever if you give me this on my 18th birthday!!!

I'm not really into the recipe here - but the decorations look so cute and simple for a Fall cake. Maybe my next Thanksgiving feast foray?

We think this owl cake is a hoot! Find out how to make it here: <a href=


Wide-Eyed Owl Cake - Owls are hot, and this cake is especially fun with the teal and orange shades used. Decorating is easy with our Decorator Preferred™ Fondant.

Super Cute DIY Hoot Cocoa Spoons to Warm You Up with a Smile on Cold Winter Days!

Owl Cake Pops Owl Birthday Party #owl #cakepops


Lady owl cake

Adorable Owl Cake this would make a cute centerpiece made out of material

Owl Always Love You Cupcakes

Sooo Adorable ... almost too good to eat!!

Love these really intricate wee owls eh Emma?! Hemisphere Cake Pans - From Lakeland

A cake dedicated to books.

Graduation Owl Cake created by Roberta of Finally…Cakes! via Half Baked - The Cake Blog

Adorable Owl Themed Birthday Cakes - Sassy Dealz

Patterned Owl Cookies | Klickitat Street

@Tawny Burgess!! Hoot Nibbles: Cardamom Shortbread Cookies. I  cardamom and owls!

Using the heart cutter is a cute idea....leaf would work, too!

My Halloween Magic Owl!    By The Cookie Lab - Bolachas decoradas arte <a href=

Owl Bird House made of vegan gingerbread! And to sweeten the pot, so to speak, the site links to the free e-book of detailed instructions to build your very own.


My Halloween Cake

Cute owl party! Owl softies from felt. Cute owl cupcakes.

This easy-to-make cake looks just like Hedwig! | Throw a Harry Potter Party - Parenting.com


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With Thanksgiving around the corner, pie season is in full swing. I am a big pie fan and that got even worse since I started making my own dough. It's so easy and the difference is amazing. So with...

20 Awesome Fun Foods for Kids - Gourmandelle | Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes

It's a hoot: Make an owl with oatmeal and fruit.


6 Owl Birthday Themed Savory Snacks - Part of a collection of 30 Owl Birthday Ideas from <a href=

Kid Food Art Pictures Photo 8

Owl in tree snack plate-monoprixsleepyowl2 by kirstenreese, via Flickr

Hooting kids lunch nerdy little owl by Kellie Strickland

Owl Fruit Decorators - I sometimes worry that my pears don't sufficient convey wisdom. Only $8.88 for three!


Artist Creates Stunning Portraits out of Food: Owl made from Onions  #FoodArt

Fruit owl

Gluten-free banana coconut pancakes coconut, eggs, banana, peanut butter, fresh fruit

Photographer Plays With Her Breakfast to Create Imaginative Artworks 0JITaX5

Owl themed baby shower...going to do with tortilla roll ups and use cheese for nose...cut about 1

20 Awesome Fun Foods for Kids - Gourmandelle | Healthy Vegan and Vegetarian Recipes

A fruit owl! Pretty self-explanatory. Pear slice for the body, kiwi for the eyes, blueberries for the pupils, green grapes for the wings, cherries or red grapes for the feet and eyebrows. Pretzel stick for the stick. Too cute!

Owl Bento Box #SundaySupper | Simply Gourmet (Use gluten-free bread if needed.)

Fruity Halloween



I want to be a kid so someone can pack an owl bento box for me!

fanTAStic painted gingerbread houses

The 12th Cake of Christmas by Avalon Yarnes of Avalon Cakes

Christmas Owls - by nicolalabridgeter @ CakesDecor.com - cake decorating website

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