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С 1 апреля и это не шутка швейцарская почта изменила правила и тарифы на международные пакеты до 2 кг. Теперь расценки на такие отправления несколько уменьшились , но пакеты идут без ТРЕК номеров!

Расценки на мелкий пакет до 2 кг без ТРЕК номера

До 500 гр - 9.50 фр.

До 1 кг - 12.50 фр.

До 2 кг - 24 фр. 

Курс франка  на 1 апреля 2014 г.  40 рублей.

Копирую с сайта почты т к ссылки давать запрещено

www post ch /вместо пробелов точки/

Swiss Post reaches agreement with price regulator back Press release dated 21.01.2014

Swiss Post and the price regulator have reached an agreement. Swiss Post will forego various planned price increases and lower the price of individual products. The price regulator opened formal proceedings against Swiss Post in February 2013. Both parties have now agreed on a compromise, which involves a variety of measures, offers customers price advantages and makes business transactions with Swiss Post more straightforward: Letter prices for A Mail and B Mail as well as domestic parcel prices will remain unchanged until the end of March 2016. The prices for A and B Mail have not been changed since 2004.

From 1 April 2014, private customers will see a reduction in Swiss Post prices by 1.50 francs for return parcels to mail order companies, while fees charged for customs clearance on import ­consignments will go down by 50 centimes. At the same time, the "MiniPac International" (previously "Maxi letter International") will be non-registered again and therefore available for 6 francs less than before. The new offer "Registered Mail Prepaid" was already introduced on 20 January 2014 at a reduced price of 5.50 francs. The one-time fee for establishing a permanent authorization is to be reduced by 6 francs and will cost 30 francs as of 1 April 2014. The cost of setting up a permanent authorization online remains unchanged at 24 francs.

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