Russian Symbol.Свас-тик. Русские символы.

Russian Symbol.Свас-тик. Русские символы. | Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа, handmade
Russian Symbol. Russian Catholic symbol (galaxy / the Milky Way / crooked cross) was noticed in Egypt, ancient Greece, Rome, throughout the entire territory of Europa and Northland, in the East, in India. This symbol has been used in Buddhism up to now, in the official religion. United faith and world view had been before Christianity and other religions such as Islam, Buddhism appeared. After coming of Christianity everyone was called Hellenes (pagans) Looking at orthodox vestments it can be said that rood is a crooked cross symbolized an immortal motion. Old Believers wore vestments with the image of rood as well as in Vedic religions. Translation: Nadezhda Dvoryak
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Cult-y-ra 26.07.2017
Этот факт указывает на общие культурно-исторические коды обьединяющие нас в общем мировозрении на мир, природу и вселенную!)
Matryoshka-doll 26.07.2017
What a funny mixture of notions))) Sure Christians, Buddhists and Muslims would be frustrated and puzzled reading this...