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Blue Topaz - a delightful gem of great beauty

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Topaz - stone of wisdom, goodness and peace
Topaz is a symbol of foresight, wisdom, spiritual purity, tenderness, love, friendship, and other pure relations. The name of the stone due to the site of the first discovery on about. Topazios (Red Sea).

The possibilities of mineral make its owner a decent, honest and generous, protecting it from the malice and ill will.

The magical properties of stones
Topaz attracts all the best qualities, including generosity, honesty and integrity. He is able to protect person from malice, envy and ill will. Even in ancient times, this mineral has shown their magical abilities. It is believed that the one who will get the amulet soon say goodbye to all the complex cases and free from petty trouble.

The photo shows a beautiful natural topaz https://www.livemaster.ru/item/19621895-materialy-dlya-tvorchestva-topaz-naturalnyj-swiss-blue

 Great value for the blue topaz had sailors who believed that the mineral will help calm the storm and another raging elements. Therefore, the stone was always present in the Age of Discovery and the ship had to take him out of the fog, rescue during a storm. And in the Middle Ages blue crystals it was incredibly popular among the Crusaders, who brought it from long hikes as a gift to the ladies of his heart.

Medical appointment topaz
The mineral is blue and has healing properties. https://www.livemaster.ru/item/19567343-materialy-dlya-tvorchestva-topaz-naturalnyj-swiss-blue

 In the Middle Ages, this gem was the best way not to get poisoned. It was believed that if a food or beverage has a poison, a stone to change its color. Probably, therefore, the stone was used to decorate the royal cups.

By this stone people treated with honor. Topaz blue color helps to strengthen the immune system, and its presence improves the mood. It allows to protect against several diseases, such as angina, bone disease and infertility.

This stone is accepted to give to people who have had a heart attack, problems with the endocrine system and stroke. Some people believe that this stone establishes the circulatory system. In some countries, Topaz is a means of medical therapy to improve vision.

It is believed that a person who wears the stone, and changing food preferences, but this fact has not been proven scientifically.

It can be used to cure nervous disorders, to get rid of insomnia and nightmares, making a strong and healthy sleep.

The positive impact on Gem of people with high blood pressure, asthma and gout.

It is advisable to wear it on the body in the winter season, so it can protect the wearer from the appearance of colds.

Astrological value stone
Do not blindly believe in the fact that each stone is beneficial. It can create the opposite effect. This usually happens when the power of the mineral and not compatible holder. Most of all this magic amulet for people who were born in the late autumn, ie scorpions. From astrology is known that this sign of the zodiac is able to fall from one extreme to wearing this stone will restore their balance. It fit perfectly and as a gift for a young Scorpion, these people, it will grant wisdom.

Compatible with topaz and other water elements, namely, Cancer and Pisces. He is able to direct their energies in the right direction. Sometimes, these signs can not make decisions because of an overabundance of emotion, action will present the mineral balance and will allow them to concentrate on the task at hand.

Absolutely not compatible with this mascot Taurus. By their nature, they are people and not so calm and determined, if they fall under the influence of the stone, the more these qualities will manifest more.

On the other zodiac signs of fire and air elements it has a neutral effect, that is, with his presence in their lives will not change anything.

The significance of blue mineral
Topaz stone is found only in a blue shade.

The value of a topaz stone - wisdom, goodness and peace. Therefore, he can do his master optimistic, learn to enjoy life and feel the inner peace. Owners topaz, as a rule, honest, wise and decent people. They do not get hysterical and irrational anger, on the contrary, sociable, interesting and generous. And if they are not so, then the magic topaz would make them so.

Also, the mineral will help people who are plagued by obsessive-compulsive disorder, various fears, depression. Stone successfully cope with these and other conditions. And the ancient Greeks, who was the favorite stone, attributed to him the ability to give men prudence, generosity, sociability, wisdom and sexual power, and women - the beauty.

Topaz - stone, the magical properties which allow the use of a mineral when it is necessary to focus, gather the courage to make the right choice. n Crystal

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