Be beautiful in our dress even if you are assisting the funerals. they are dead but you are alive!!! it has undergone true test and a lot of our customers appreciate this brand.

THE BLACK TREASURE - premium collection

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  • Материалы: cotton velvet, silk velvet, silk 100%, cotton 100%
  • Размер: Размер L. У нас в наличие есть и другие размеры, их можно заказать у мастера
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Россия, Москва
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СОКРОВИЩЕ В ЧЕРНОМ ЦВЕТЕ ПРЕМИУМ коллекция - Сокровище в черном цвете- создана с иснользованнем высококачественных материалов, с искусно выполненной вручную вышивкой выдержала проверку на различных мероприятиях. покупателям особо нравится эта серия, так как черный цвет всегда являлся любимым как у модельеров так и у наших дорогих клиентов

THE BLACK TREASURE premium collection of the Nat_fashion designs. this collection was carefully and creatively designed with first grade Quality silk velvet Armani, with 100% silk, 100% cotton from India and skillfully combined on the front, backside, and stretch velvet on the sleeves. this is the best you need
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Условия возврата и обмена
Article 25. Right of consumers to exchange the goods of good quality

1. The consumer has the right to exchange not food of appropriate quality to similar goods from the seller, which this product was acquired, if the specified goods have not approached under the form, size, style, color scheme, size, or configuration.

The consumer has the right to exchange the food of appropriate quality within fourteen days, not counting the day of purchase.

Sharing food of appropriate quality out if the specified goods were not in use, its trade dress, consumer properties, seals, factory labels and also has sales receipt or cash register receipt or other proof of payment of the product in the document. Lack of customer sales receipt or cash register receipt or other document confirming the payment of the goods does not deprive him of the possibility of invoking the testimony.

The list of goods not subject to the exchange on the grounds mentioned in this article shall be approved by the Russian Government.

please note that If the goods purchased by the customer is already damaged or not in good conditions. Our sales representatives or whoever in charge of the sales will not receive the goods and money will not be refunded
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