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Вязание ручной работы. Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа. Купить Master class Santa on a bike / HEAVY-METAL NEW YEAR!!!!. Handmade.

This is a crochet pattern for a Santa on a bike
You can use ANY yarn. It is important, that it was identical on a thickness. Do not forget, that the size of a toy increases with increase in a thickness of a thread. Growth of my Santa - 22 sm without a hat.
YARN - Skin-colored for the head, arms (100g / 550m)
YARN - of red color - Prestige-lux (50 g/275) - for feet, a body, mittens
and a bag – 1 hank
- white fluffy - for furnish - any, a little
- black colored – 100g/550m - for Jackets, a helmet and boots
Wool for felting a white or white yarn - for a beard and moustaches
Yarn white and beige (100 g/600 m) - for a Hare and Bears
Yarn multi-colored any - for boxes with gifts and patches
Plastic or cardboard in boots, black plastic for points
Wire for a skeleton of hands and feet - in a braid, 1,5 mm in the thickness, four piece in length about 15-18 sm.
Bolt with a nut and two disks in diameter about 2,5 sm for mobile fastening of a head
Two beads or ready eyes, 6 small black semibeads for eyes and a nouse of the Bear and Hare
Snowflakes and thorns (10 pieces) for furnish. An emblem on a helmet
Toy a motorcycle

The pattern is 44 pages long and has 39 pictures to help you. Pattern is available in English language only.
Skill level: high (master class contains lessons on knitting. You should be able to crochet)
Thank you for visiting my shop.

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Master class Santa on a bike / HEAVY-METAL NEW YEAR!!!!

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