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Игрушки животные, ручной работы. Ярмарка Мастеров - ручная работа. Купить Crochet realistic full size dog / pose-able stuffed soft sculpture. Handmade.

***I am sorry, this creation is not for sale - Gilby was created as a custom order and has his cosy and warm home.

But possibly I will be able to create something special and for you.
To crochet and finish this work I needed about 250 hours - about 3 - 4 weeks.
Price depends from size, details, materials.


Welcome Dear,

The best friend and the most loved family member - very special Gilbert puppy!

Adorable and very special person wrote me - 'I would love something to look like the best dog I ever had! Also, I now run a dog rescue in his memory.'

These words touched my heart so deeply and I have decided to create and to crochet a new Gilbert.


The crochet technique is not very popular because it is very time consuming work. But it is worth that - creation is seamless, possible to create natural shaping to touch and sure - long lasting. Also, crochet creation - every millimetre is 100% handmade and with pure love.

Handmade one of a kind crochet dog Gilbert is designed by my own pattern - Intuition (as all my creations) and comes with T-shirt, keys on a ring and collar with heart shaped pendant.


- Standing on 4 legs from the head to the ground - approximately 50 cm / 19.5 inch.

- Standing on 2 legs from the head to the ground - approximately 70 cm / 28 inch.


- Dog has disc jointed movable legs.

- Head, body and tail have continuous lock line (ball jointed plastic) armature, lock line armature also is used for legs and lower jaw.

- Legs have additional wire armature with clay bones imitation - this reduces movement of legs where bones are naturally .

- Head is crocheted together with body - neck is crocheted with additional 'skin' for easier and natural movements of head.

- All body is crocheted from natural white super soft fur yarn and white acrylic yarn. For marks I have used 3 different shades of brown fur yarn. For some places used 2 different shades of grey fur yarn.

- Face is needle felted with rooted in fluffs of different colours fur yarn.

- Realistic beautiful sculpted and hand painted polymer clay eyes, upper and lower teeth, nails.

- Paw pads are sewed on and hand painted - Alcantara ultra suede.

- Dog is stuffed with ecological filling.

- Nose is waxed with natural bees wax (I am lucky - have got some from my mums bees farm), painted and varnished to get a wet look but be always ready for kisses.


- Cotton T-shirt with logo.

- Faux leather collar.

- Polymer clay sculpted pendant - photo with resin.

- Polymer clay sculpted keys and ring.

For more pictures please visit my Facebook page: /MyLilChest


Thank you for visiting

Sincerely yours,


Рекомендации по уходу: Brush-able, playable, easy pose-able, washable with wet cloth.

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Crochet realistic full size dog / pose-able stuffed soft sculpture

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